Specializing in home renovations for easy living and increased profit


About Us

Our home renovations team

Is comprised of a  group of  mature, seasoned professionals, knowledgable in home renovations and repairs and each bringing decades of experience to the job..  They  know how to take care of your home and the renovations.

Our history

1st Impression has been renovating homes  since 2003.  We have learned how to be creative and cost effective in a very competitive business.

Our specialities

In a world of specialization we are generalists.  We can take care of all the needs of your home to either make it more enjoyable, easier for living or more profitable for selling.

At 1st Impression our speciality is we will take care of all the needs for you.  Including: home renovations for your  kitchen, bathroom, creating an open concept or adding in walls to make it more cozy;  updating your staircase, roofing, foundation repairs, electrical and plumbing, painting, tiling, flooring, lighting, closet organizers, landscaping - any job you need done for renovating your home (inside the envelope) we can do.